Welcome to Guild Wars 2 Weapon Gallery

After many requests, I added this gallery to show the range of weapon skins.

- Kestrel.7890
Representing: Arch Angels of Tyria [ANGL]
World: Tarnished Coast

Character weapons are split into four primary categories based on how they are held:

One-handed — can be wielded in either the main hand, the off hand, or one in each hand, depending on the profession.

Two-handed — requires both hands to wield it.

Off-hand — can only be used in the off hand.

Aquatic — can only be used in underwater mode.

Weapons can be acquired in several different ways:

Starting equipment

Purchased from an weaponsmith.

Crafted through the disciplines of the weaponsmith, huntsman, and artificer.

Dropped by a foe as loot.

WvW and PvP reward tracks.

A reward from completing a dungeon's story mode.

As a reward for completing certain steps of your personal story.

Purchased from a Karma Merchant.

Crafting at the Mystic Forge.